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While the Americans suffered very heavy casualties in the failed attempts to advance, the Germans suffered similarly. Eaker and Devers watched; Juin was heard to remark " If you are interest I got prof with me.

It was hoped that the Anzio landing, with the benefit of surprise and a rapid move inland to the Alban Hillswhich command both routes 6 and 7, would so threaten the Gustav defenders' rear and supply lines that it might just unsettle the German commanders and cause them batle withdraw from the Gustav Line to positions north of Rome. However, they were to defend its ruins tenaciously. Battle for monte casino accomplished, an Anglo-American corps would land at Anzio, about 30 miles south of Rome. Battle of Monte Cassino order of battle January Cassino, Lazio, Italy 15 Feb At the crucial moment von Senger was able to throw in the 71st Infantry Division whilst leaving the 15th Panzergrenadier Division whom they had been due to relieve in place. Artillery and Nebelwerfer drumfire methodically searched both bridgeheadswhile machine guns opened on every sound

World War Two: The Battle of Monte Cassino. By Professor Richard Holmes Last updated Montage image for the Monte Cassino article. Richard  ‎Italy surrenders · ‎Volatile allies · ‎Monte Cassino. The Battle of Monte Cassino was a costly series of four assaults by the Allies against the Winter Line in Italy held by Axis forces during the Italian Campaign of  ‎First battle · ‎Second battle (Operation · ‎Third battle · ‎Fourth and final battle. The struggle for Cassino in early was one of the most brutal and costly ten kilometres wide and was overlooked by the metre-high Monte Cassino, Sir Bernard Freyberg now steeled himself and his forces for the battle ahead.


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